My art is driven by the idea of artist as explorer. Aesthetically mutable, each body of work begins with an inquiry into the nature of the cosmos and is developed through artistic research. Incorporating a broad range of mediums, my practice has led me to conduct field research and collaborate with scientists. Currently, I am making enigmatic drawings that attempt to visualize the incomprehensible and untranslatable. This work references mathematical renderings of the Calabi Yau shapes. At the smallest scale, our universe is composed of the material space-time. Higher dimensions beyond our spatial three may exist within this material. The structures of the higher-dimensional spaces are known as Calabi Yau Manifolds. The Calabi Yau are containers that harbor the energy of the universe, and the varying geometry of these shapes determine how energy is transformed into the different elementary particles.

The nearly indestructible clay vase is a vessel of history and time. From the geometric patterns that reference weaving to the white-ground sculptural figures, the evolution of Greek Classicism is evident on the surface of the vase. The images from my drawings are directly appropriated from the mythological, red-figure vase paintings. Removed from their synoptic framework, these forms become vessels of light, color and gesture.

I begin these drawings with several digital sketches and layer, merge and reduce them to a single image. This compression references computer renderings of the Calabi Yau as they are translated from a higher dimension into three dimensions and visualized using software. Impossible to envision in their higher-dimensional state, these computer renderings defy our intuitive understanding of form when reduced to three dimensions. Likewise, the haphazard digital compositions I create are placed within the silhouette of a classical vase for formal clarity. I faithfully re-render the digital sketches on paper using graphite and ink. My drawings, with their hard edges and soft inner composition, emit a static energy; the elemental structures are built from fields of nearly indiscernible marks and fluid gestures. Just as matter is composed of energy, the dynamism contained within these dense surfaces speaks to the minute particles and geometries which form all substance.