I draw inspiration from the designs adorning classical Greek vases, with their intricate patterns and minimalist palette, which find support in the mathematical underpinnings governing their design. Proportional relationships and geometric configurations serve as the guiding foundation, ensuring a harmonious interplay of surface and form. Recognizing the inherent power of these principles, I harness and expand upon them. 

I begin these drawings by combining digital sketches and AI-generated imagery, then layer, merge, and reduce them to a single image. I faithfully re-render the digital compositions on paper using colored pencil and ink. The duality of the exterior silhouette and soft interior geometry serves as a visual bridge between the fluidity of touch and the precision of the depicted subject.

At the heart of my creative exploration lies a refined appreciation of the power of simplicity. I reduce my compositions to their essential elements through sparse yet deliberate frameworks. In my practice, I aspire to foster an engaging visual dialogue that transcends temporal boundaries and seamlessly weaves the past and the present together.