Manned Mock Mars Mission (MMMM) initiated with a two week rotation from December 21, 2013-January 4, 2014 aboard the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS.) MDRS is an analog Mars simulation performed in isolation in the Utah desert. During my stay I worked with the scientists and engineers of Crew 132. I then spent two weeks performing a solo analog in the Loess Hills of Iowa.

This project began with an investigation into the similarities between the paintings of the Rocky Mountain School and the imagery we receive today from Mars; Specifically, the years of the westward expansion and development of the railroad, and the steps we are currently taking to colonize Mars. Romantic imagery in the form of painting and satellite imagery has presented the public with utopias that drive the funding of the technology that is necessary to colonize these places. The paintings of artists such as Thomas Moran stimulated the imagination of settlers and tourists and helped to fund the development of the railroad. Likewise, imagery from Mars today builds excitement in the public and helps fund NASA projects.

The solo analog was carried out with a mix of 19th century and space age technology, in a re-constituted prarie in Iowa, the most heavily modified landscape in the US.  

MMMM: Loess Hills Analog
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